Continuing the support action to the national scene in the European context, I-Jazz Association presents the annual showcase inside JazzMi-Jazz DOIT, the Milan jazz festival. The aim is to promote a selection of the best young Italian jazz talents to a wide selection of Italian and European artistic directors, curators and operators.

8, 9 and 10 November in Milan Triennale six groups (two per evening) will perform for the great public of the festival:
8 November (starting at 7 pm)

ALESSANDRO LANZONI – solo piano - Video promo: 

Awarded Musica Jazz’s “Top Jazz 2013” as the best new talent of the year, Alessandro Lanzoni is one of the great personalities of Italian jazz.  A new solo piano ‘Diversions’ will be released by CAM Jazz, to follow the earlier Dark Flavour 2013 and Seldom 2014 of his trio.  Lanzoni’s wide-ranging programme alternates spaces of improvised liberty with original tracks and jazz pieces, both lyrical and intense.  He returns to London after earlier concerts at Ronnie Scott’s and Vortex.


Jacopo Ferrazza (bass); Stefano Carbonelli (guitar); Valerio Vantaggio (drum)

Video promo: 

A trio formed by young and talented Italian musicians who bring healthy new ideas and interesting projects. Jacopo Ferrazza, an artist of the generation coming from the second half of the 80s, with a solid training behind numerous collaborations, presents himself here at his first solo performance, with an extremely positive and quality result in which the approach above emerges fertile, deep, mature compostitive. Precious collaboration with Valerio Vantaggio, on drums, and with Stefano Carbonelli, guitarist with his own particular identity and who often also plays a solo role. The minimalist guitar formation, double bass, drums, bases a sophisticated interplay characterized by a narrative force that ranges from certain flaming chips to the borders of jazz acacia or others from the intimist trait. With "Rebirth" (CAM Jazz) the double bass player signs his debut album, confirming how the Italian jazz enjoys excellent health! An autobiographical, oneiric, gritty and current work.

9 November (starting at 7 pm)

SIMONA SEVERINI – solo guitar and voice - Video promo:

Simona Severini’s solo guitar and voice performances of acoustic and electronic sounds take a broad range through ancient folk to Renaissance and electropop, from 16th Century Monteverdi to the music of Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake and original compositions.   She has collaborated with important Italian musicians such as Giorgio Gaslini, Enrico Pieranunzi, Gabriele Mirabassi, Enrico Intra, Tiziana Ghiglioni and Antonio Zambrini, and in recent years performed at the main festivals and music halls in Italy and France.   She performs on both Barbican free stage on 18 November, and the Institute 19 November.


Francesco Diodati (guitar); Enrico Zanisi (piano); Enrico Morello (drum); Francesco Lento (trumpet); Glauco Benedetti (tube) - Video promo:

Yellow Squeeds will bring a new album to the Festival, on Auand Records.  This quintet debuted in 2015 with Flow, Home, also on Auand – 9 original compositions of airy, distinguished sonic architectures by leader Francesco Diodati. Diodata is also familiar to European audiences as a member of Enrico Rava’s New Quartet and his ongoing duo project with Rava. 

10 November (starting at 7 pm)


Francesco Ponticelli (bass); Enrico Morello (drum); Enrico Zanisi (piano); Stefano Carbonelli (guitar); Daniele Tittarelli (sax alto); Alessandro Presti (trumpet) - Video promo: 

In “Big Mountain, Small Path” Ponticelli puts together some of the most interesting musicians of the Italian jazz scene. Over the last five years the elegant and pushing pianist Enrico Zanisi and the smashing drummer Enrico Morello had been playing and recording the original music of Francesco receiving appreciations from the international pool. With them, Alessandro Presti on trumpet, Daniele Tittarelli on alto and Stefano Carbonelli on guitar complete the line up of the sextet, a bunch of super-talented musicians with a personal voice and a self-supporting research in music. 

Ponticelli wrote the music for this project conceiving many different architectures and colour palettes for every song, sturdy armonic and rhythmic structures within a jazz-infused ensemble sound and some electronic/post rock influence. It can be imagined like a movie soundtrack that approaches different landscapes and describes different moods avoiding easy stereotypes. The strength of compositions allow the simultaneous stream of consciousness of soloists and rhythm section that never becomes chaotic but maintain a straightforward emotional flow, liveliness and consistency.     


Enrico Zanisi (piano); Simone La Maida (sax); Gabriele Evangelista (bass); Francesco Fiorenzani (guitar); Alessandro Paternesi (drum) - Video promo:

Alessandro Paternesi P.O.V. Quintet is one of the most innovative and original projects of the new Italian jazz scene. After collaborating with the great masters, from Enzo Pietropaoli to Danilo Rea, from Rita Marcotulli to Gabriele Mirabassi, from Amii Stewart to Paul McCandless, Alessandro Paternesi made his debut in 2013 with his first leading album: "Dedicato" published for the Radar Records / Egea Distribution.
Drummer and composer, Alessandro is just over 30 years old and is one of the most precious side man of the moment thanks to the unmistakable musicality that he transmits through his drums.
The project will see on stage some of the most talented musicians on the national scene: the very young but now well-known pianist Enrico Zanisi, the guitar with the countless tonal nuances of Francesco Fiorenzani, Gabriele Evangelista, already a nationally renowned double bass player and the unmistakable sound of Simone La Maida to saxophones.
P.O.V. stands for Point of View, an acronym with which Alessandro expresses his vision regarding music. His songs combine classical compositional style and jazz, with a modern, melodic and improvised rhythmic approach. The concert accompanies the audience through the different sounds of the five instruments; melodic moments of classical imprint and modern rhythms with a rock flavor, "light-shadow" effects that underline the moments of union and improvisation freedom of the musicians. A "Dedicated" journey made up of free music, research, reflection and constantly evolving musical pieces.


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